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There are 6 million Jews in Israel. There are 100 TIMES AS MANY ARABS surrounding Israel.. The Arabs have MUCH MORE MONEY, MORE RESOURCES, MANY MORE SOLDIERS, MANY MORE TANKS, GUNS, JET PLANES, ROCKETS, ETC. What the Arabs have FAR MUCH LESS OF ARE.. GENEROSITY, BRAINS, INTELLIGENCE AND BRAVERY. When the FAKEstinians and other arab terrorists ( fight.) they hide among women and children, in houses, hospitals, schools, ambulances, mosques. After they attack Israel, the Israelis retaliate and they always defeat the arabs. but because their fighters hide among civilians, arab women and children ALSO get k illed. Why do arab fighters run and hide? Because they are stupid cowards. Israeli soldiers stand and fight-they do not run and hide. Who are the cowards? The arabs. They ALWAYS LOSE, so they run like rats, then they whine and complain, and beg the CORRUPT WITH PETRODOLLARS UN OFFICIALS, to force Israel to stop fighting & return what arabs lost in treacherous cowardly lost wars.

ahmed Observer (4 years 9 months ago)

its funny to know that we muslims are so bsd like that.. no not even.. we are even worse.. haha.. pretty well. good luck and my advice to all muslims here is just to ignore these Insults against us.. because anyway this time is jews time.. we'll have our time later.. so let them lead now and kill as much as they can...while they still can... because they'll be wiped later anyway)))

What is this? CA Voted for NO ITS WORSE NO ITS WORSE (4 years 10 months ago)

I can't believe someone exposed the Palestinian Terrorism on how they kill children. Awesome poll

What is this? AU Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

i cannot believe some fags are judging a country molded by Israel killing women and children, and for what reason? this poll is unjust and so biased making a country seem so bad.. WHY is the world like this?

علي النقيل YE Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

That's not fair, to present two unjust choises in this opinion pol.It means that Palitinians have no right to defend themselves and home against invaders???!!! Where's the humanity in this case??!!

@Who knows GB Voted for NO ITS WORSE NO ITS WORSE (5 years 14 hours ago)

PPl are finally realizing that far from a religion of love & Spirituality, Islam is a Hateful hoax & aberration of a sick demented mind. It is a religion that thrives on the arrogant belief its the most logical, scientific & perfect religion. Yet the fact is it has THE most backward & absurd beliefs & the most hateful doctrine. Muslims are k1lling each other becoz they are NOT Islamic enough or the wrong sect. Or k1lling ANYONE who in not a Muslim & violently forcing Islam upon Others.

UK all the way GB Observer (5 years 2 days ago)

I don't see why America give a s**t , are they getting paid by Israel to lick their butt or somthing?

Who knows ZA Observer (5 years 3 days ago)

Islam is perfect and I am not if I make a mistake blame it on me not my religion

Arabs are still savages . US Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

The Arabs just don't understand that they LOST their terror wars. Israel should give those terrorist pigs nothing. They won the war. Sore Arab losers need to focus their energy on something other than their pity-parties and radical religious cult nonsense. If they actually spent as much time building their current lands and territory as they spend waging terror and blaming the US and Israel, then they would be world leaders. But they spend ALL of their money, time, and energy in BASE activities. They are, truly speaking, utter and complete losers. total losers of a radical kind.

الله allah's tongue is my TOILET US Voted for NO ITS WORSE NO ITS WORSE (5 years 2 months ago)

الله allah's tongue is my TOILET PAPER :: muhammad is a Big Pile of Dog MANURE ::CAMEL PISS BE UPON AND ALL OVER HEM DEAN HAVENS …604 Brooklyn Ave, Apt F …OAKland, CA 94606-1031 … Home (510) 839-4828 Jihad Visit me if you have the COURAGE Raghead COWARD APE SON OF A CAMEL. WATCH THIS REAL NEWS, VIDEO & FIND OUT WHO'S YOUR ENEMY ,, v=W5BtQgTGOI4&f

Stevie US Voted for NO ITS WORSE NO ITS WORSE (5 years 2 months ago)

Palistinians are worthless Irratants to the rest of the world

myname NL Observer (5 years 2 months ago)

how childish and low can you get.

joshan SA Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

!!! JiwSH~it :-:-:-: :-!!! JiwSH~it:-:-:-:-:-

Holohoax - Irrefutable Proof. Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on YouTube that expose the alleged Jewish Holocaust: (1) The Last Days of the Big Lie, (2) One Third of the Holocaust, (3) David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, (4) More than Taboo. (5) Holocaustianity - Zionism propaganda and facts. (6) Treblinka was No Extermination Camp- Just Transit Station. (7) The Origins of Holocaustianity (Vimeo). (8) Bishop Richard Williamson - Gas Chambers, Anti-Semitism and the truth. Forward links to your friends.

مجهووووووووول Observer (5 years 3 months ago)

اللعنة على كل من يحتل ارض فلسطين من خنازير يهود وغيرهم النصر قادم من الاردن يا حمقى


allah & muhammad are Dog Anus So FILTHY islam is the BIGGEST .S H I T. ever dumped,. muslims including FAKEstinians ARE THE SYPHILIS OF THE WORLD . filthy qur*an Stinky sira & depraved hadith ARE THE BEST TOILET PAPER EVER CREATED TO CLEAN YOU *A S S*

Proud Muslim22 Observer (5 years 4 months ago)


foued DZ Observer (5 years 4 months ago)

This is a Redicilous question, Maybe almost everyone voted for Israel But we Believe that ALLAH will help us to liberate Palestine.

Attayeb JO Observer (5 years 4 months ago)

it is very ridiculous question..; revealing the stupidity and irrationality of who asked the questions and those who are answering it.

Menashe IL Observer (5 years 4 months ago)

Terrible and horrible nation is the arabs who called themselves palestinian, living in the land of israel. they even don\'t know what palestinian mean! they never had any history records. They will one day be force to flee to Jordan, that i can promise. The conflicts will go on... Israel will try to pacify by withholding the two state solution, while arabs will never end their hatred for Israel. The more years bygone, the more agony in their minds on why they declined the UN Partition plan.

By: AWESOMEMAN, October 30, 2011


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